Friday, March 7, 2008

Challenge 62

I am totally addicted to Kal Barteski! If you still don't know who this is, you've GOT to go and read this girl's blog! She's a faithful (almost) daily blogger who's written voice is as hilarious as I can only imagine her spoken voice to be. She's wickedly funny, an unbelievable artist, a stick-to-yer-guns kinda mama (which we LOVE) and is quite clearly a very confident woman (we REALLY love that!). Her artwork can be found in a beautifully composed book (which you can order and get her to autograph too!) HERE. She's sharing her artwork with us again this week in the form of this thought-provoking piece seen above. The gals this week have all interpreted the inspiration from Kal's work in such different ways and they are all AMAZING pages!!

If you like this week's challenge and want to try your hand at pulling a rockstar page using Kal's artwork for inspo, remember to upload you page to our Flickr Group. We will vote on a favorite page once a month from all the contributed works. You do not have to create pages using your Couture Collection (but we like it when you do!) and you can submit your artwork as many times as you like, just be sure to include the week number that your page is created for.



1 comment:

kal said...

Loving the layouts! Totally love the openness and interpretation. Super cool. Thanks for letting me a part of this challenge!

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