Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wow, here it is, into the single digits! I LOVE birthday week! I guess it's not officially birthday week yet, but the magic is starting. I had to do a bit of emergency trade-show-outfit shopping the other day when I had a tragic realization that my hibernation insulation (let's call it that instead of fat, it sounds 'nicer') had impeded my ability to wear my favorite trousers for a wedding tradeshow this coming weekend so a-shopping I must go! Ray bought my super cute outfit as part of birthday week! Yay for me :)

Yesterday Ray came home from a trip to town with another Birthday week tidbit...on our first date, we visited a fantastic little second-run theatre in downtown Victoria BC, Canada (the Roxy Cine-gog) to see "How to lose a guy in ten days" with Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey. If you've seen this movie, you know how cute it is and if you've been to the Roxy, you know how awesome those two back rows are with the double-seaters! (side note: we got married in that theater- first couple ever to do so) and put all that together with that first-date magic, you can imagine the sentimental value this film has for us. Nice job, Ray, great Birthday week gift.

I have other fantastic goodies coming and I'll share them all with you as I get 'em. Happy Tuesday!

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