Tuesday, March 18, 2008

two more sleeps!

Okay, so yesterday I honestly planned to blog so I could share some more Birthday Week giveaway goodness BUT after what was supposed to be a quick trip to town promptly turned into a very frustrating situation in the Superstore parking lot. My three year old had (at some point during the last few weeks) crammed some mystery object into my ignition and it lodged itself into the deepest recesses of it so I couldn't start my car. It had been starting just fine, with a few quirks- you know the ones where you have to jiggle the key up and down while trying to turn it to the right?? so other than that, there were no signs of trouble till I had to try and get home of course with the front seat full of groceries. Of course, it had to be the day I had frozen meat sitting there!UGH

So, that being said, I didn't really have any blogging mojo left when I got home. But I'm super excited to see how many of you are commenting. It makes me really feel the Birthday Week love! Would you like to see the prize for all those great comments?? These goodies are from some of my friends over at ETSY. The wooden shapes (in today's giveaway and the last giveaway) are from Miscellaneeah and the tags are from Kellydesigns4U.

And the lucky winner of these super fun goodies is... DEMENTI!!!!!

edited: sorry about the MASSIVE font. I can't change it- I tried. I'm not yelling though, the font size is STUCK! GRRR (okay, that part was meant to be a little louder, but not the stuff below! LOL)

so if you email me with your mailing information I'll send this package out to you. Congratulations!!

Alright, there's another giveaway in the spirit of Birthday week. I celebrate for the whole week and receive gifts from my husband, friends & myself. I do this to really draw out the experience of being the birthday girl and because I'd rather cool and creative mini gifts over one super huge extravagant gift (that would likely be useless and take up space I don't have). I want to know what you do to make your birthday (or others' birthdays) special and memorable. Do you have traditions? What's your favorite way to celebrate for yourself? Share your stories here and a winner will be chosen and announced right here. Let's see whatcha got!


Anita said...

I'm number one! C'mon Baby. Hope you got your ignition fixed Vanessa. Yikes!

Tania said...

Sorry bout all the mishap with you vehicle! Hope things are better for you today.

I usually don't do too much for my birthday but the last couple of years I've been adding to the list of birthday celebration. :)
If the budget allows (since my birthday is in Sept and we have stuff for school to buy) I like to go clothes shopping and buy a couple of outfits for myself. I also like to go shopping for scrapping supplies and buy things I don't need but really want. On my actual birthday my family comes over (Mom, Dad, brothers) with a cake and we have dinner and cake together. That's about it.

Christine said...

Bummer about the ignition! It ranks up with the time we came home around 8pm with two sleepy kids and the lock broke so we were stuck outside until the locksmith came...with two crying kids...yay! Tania, your birthday sounds about the same as mine. For my son's birthday we have a bigger party and BBQ because it falls right at the end of the school year - reason to celebrate!

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