Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday Morning...

You know, Etsy is proving to be way more fun than I thought it would be. I've done the Ebay thing before and it's just not half as fun as Etsy. So I'm going to spend today out in the studio while the kids play outside and Ray plows our very large, very very snowy driveway! We got about a foot the other day and it's really too deep to go anywhere in so plowing has gotta happen but luckily , it's a really gorgeous and sunny day.

I've been working my fingers to the bone getting sample packages ready for the wedding show on March 15& 16 so hopefully sometime over the weekend, I'll have them photographed and uploaded on my Wedding Gallery page for everyone to see. I must say, the sure turned out great!

When Ray and I got married almost five years ago, we really had a shotgun wedding. It took me six weeks to plan it and it was not exactly what I had imagined my wedding would be. I loved every minute of it but it was slightly hurried. I was five months pregnant and the reception was a mere formality moreso than an actual party and due to the rushed nature of our wedding timeline (we wanted to be married before the baby came) we weren't able to invite all the guests we wanted to. We decided to have a reception do-over on our fifth wedding anniversary. That's this fall so I think I'll use some of my new invitation designs when I send out invites to our nearest and dearest for our Reception Do-Over Party in November. Of course, that also means I have a great reason to buy a dynamite new party dress!LOL

Well, the day is moving on without me so I'm going to head out to the studio now. Enjoy your Saturday!

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