Friday, March 14, 2008

Challenge 63

Yahoo! This is my favorite week of the ENTIRE year. I even like this week better that the week leading up to Christmas. I like to think I'm a pretty balanced person with only mildly selfish tendencies and an ability to put others before myself when necessary. However, Birthday Week is all about me, what I like and what I wanna do!! So that means a little pedicure lovin' at the spa, a super delish dinner out on Birthday Day, my really great birthday earrings that I ordered from Etsy, a little bit of new yarn yumminess and maybe a book for good measure!

My pal, Karen & I often help each other celebrate our Birthday Weeks by giving each other little daily gifts. It's going to be a little different this year because former traditions had us making daily deliveries which is not going to be possible this year so instead, we've been on the hunt for a bunch of super cool things to put into one big box. The idea is that every day leading up to birthday week you still get a gift, just reach in and pull one out!!

Ray's been recruited into the Birthday week celebration style too...remember the emergency outfit from last week? That was the 'meat' of the Birthday week stuff, my new earrings that I ordered to replace a lost pair that was similar to these ones (below) and of course, our new movie. A pretty fine lead-up to Birthday week if you ask me! enough about that! It's time to look at our sketch. We have been having so much fun with our kit this month. I love that the colors are SO not 'springy' and just so easy to scrap with! I've been really enjoying getting caught up on some photos from Autumn that have gotten a little forgotten. I especially liked dusting off a few more of my sewing supplies and rockin' out a bit of embroidery on my page.

The sketch for this week is pictured below. If you want a shot at winning one of our Couture Collections, create your own page from the sketch using your own supplies (or if you have a Couture Collection, feel free to use that!) and upload a photo of your page to our Flickr Group. At the end of the month, the design team and I will pick our favorite page and the lucky winner will be announced right here! As a matter of fact, we've got the winner of February's submissions announced below...scroll down to see who won this month.


edited: after some slight mismanagement of the contents of my inbox, I've relocated Jessi's page for you to enjoy! Sorry Jess!!



This Month's Flickr Winner!!!
please email me your mailing address so we can ship your Couture Collection!

And here are some of our other favorite submissions. Great work everyone!


Stacy said...

congrats to the winner!! woo hoo kinda stoked for getting two in the favorite and i reconize a few others there to congrats ladies!!!

Tania said...

I need to steal some of your ideas for Birthday Week I think! I love the idea of little gifts everyday leading up to it.
Hope Birthday Week and your Birthday rocks this year! :)

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