Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mother's day

This year I said to my husband that the only thing I wanted for Mothers Day was time. I wanted a little free time to use however I wanted. I got exactly what I asked for. So, on that Sunday, I called my dad who came over with his pickup truck and we headed to Home Depot. We bought a huge panel of slatwall and some primer & paint. We brought it back to my house where I proceeded to spend the afternoon (with some potentially very threatening weather) priming and painting every groove and crevice to absolute perfection. Ray kindly helped me mount it to the wall in my studio (or more accurately, I helped HIM!) and a few days later, the fixtures arrived. I love the results. I'm so much more inspired by my space and have a million other decor ideas that I CAN'T wait to implement!!!! I'll update as it all happens!


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