Saturday, May 26, 2007

eye candy

I just stumbled upon this poster for North Island College's Pro Photo students gallery showing. I have had the privilege of posing for a few of them so far and have had a truckload of fun. The most exciting session was by far the one where I got into a pool fully dressed and assumed my "America's Next Top Model" persona and posed (with eyes open) underwater!! Now, that might not sound like much, but considering the fact that I NEVER open my eyes underwater and am strictly a non-dunker and a bit of a chicken in the deep end, this is a serious accomplishment! My oldest son, Noah was posing as well except he got to wear goggles and some very cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hand paddles with webbing between the fingers. I can't even tell you how cool some of these pics are gonna be. I don't know if any of the images of me are going to be in the exhibit (although, secretly I'm hoping they are) but you will definitely enjoy some serious eye candy at this show.

The show runs from June 1-16 at the Muir Gallery, 440 Anderton Ave. FMI call 250-334-2983

Opening night is definitely going to be a night to remember. You gotta check these artists out!!


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