Friday, May 25, 2007

Challenge 21

Amazing...I'm actually on top of things enough to post today's sketch and not feel that overwhelming sense of impending doom. You know the feeling, it's the one you get just before you decide to procrastinate on something combined with the feeling you get once you've procrastinated!

Now I realize that this sketch is very heavy on the journaling so I urge you to try and do your journaling on the computer to make it all fit. If you are unsure of how to get the columns (which are easier to read that much journaling than straight across the page) set up a table in Word or whatever program you use and just take a second to mark the borders as 'none'. Make sure your columns are either left aligned or fully justified to create that even flow of text. You can even set it up to accommodate the photo in the middle (if you're really skilled with mucking around in your word programs!)

So all that being said, I will post hopefully later today with a page that bears as much journaling as that and show you one way to translate this week's sketch!

If you have problems and need some tech support in the word processing program department, feel free to email!! (after I've posted, so that I have recent experience to draw from!)

Good luck and have fun!

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