Saturday, May 19, 2007

tell time with style (and vanity!)

I made this fabulous clock with components by Creative Imaginations. I have been holding on to the package for a while until I decided on the color and the photos. This was truly an inspired moment of creativity. You'd never know that parts of the design were "creative opportunities" AKA mistakes! I love these photos so much. I have made some very cool projects with them including marble tile coasters and of course, a scrapbook album. I think I almost like this clock more than the slatwall!

Funny that I like the clock so much even though it's kinda vain of me to like it as much as I do. But honestly, it's not so much about the photos, but the overall composition. I LOVE the Heidi Swapp clock face overlay. I'm tempted to make clocks for every room of the house but as it is, we have 4 phones that have the time, two computers that have the time, I wear a watch and so does Ray, each of our cell phones have clocks, there are six clocks in the kitchen/dining/living rooms, three in the studio, two in our bedroom and one in Noah's room! I get the feeling that we don't need any more clocks!

Oh well, anything in the name of creativity, right??

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