Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogging guilt (challenge 20)

I have been playing a nasty game of catch-up with my work ever since I got was beginning to feel like I'd never get on top of things but it would seem that I'm no longer as far behind as I was a week ago. I have so many cool things to show and share, but the first things to show you are my pages for past sketches. I forgot about 17 an 18, but they're coming. But from top to bottom are my pages for sketch 19, sketch 20 in the middle and my page for sketch 20 on the bottom. I'll post a few more pics later on of some of the other projects that kept me from blogging and also from my personal scrapping. I'd LOVE it if some of you would post comments, just click on the "comments" link below each post and follow the instructions...

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Number one groupie said...

here I am posting a comment. I feel like I am the only one that does. When I go and look at previous layouts and see that there is a comment I anxiosly look to see what others said and realize it was only me. Anyhow, I am glad you are feeling better and that you feel like you have caught up. I don't think I will ever catch up. It will always be a goal to get caught up though. Anyhow, love all the photos I absolutly adore the clock. I am tempted to get Karen to do some photos of me so that I can do soemthing like that for Bruce.

Anyhow talk at you soon



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