Friday, August 15, 2008

Challenge 85 - and a freebie

Ahhh...holidays! I'm chillaxin' in HOT HOT HOT Edmonton after a day of scrapbook shopping and pedicures (really, does it get any better than that?) and this morning I'm fully embracing the mellow-ness that IS holidays...that is, until I try and connect my laptop to the internet. After troubleshooting last night on my own for hours and even recruiting an innocent Shaw tech-support worker into trying to solve my problem, it turns out to be a 'simple' hardware/driver flaw. Great. So while I'm working on not hating my computer, I'm loving the rest of modern technology at the same time. Between my iPod and the usb port on my laptop (and my handy-dandy flash drive) I'm able to access all but one of the images for today's post. Since I don't have internet on my laptop, I don't have Holly's page yet but I hope she send it to my other email address so I can post it later!
~Holly, email me your page again so I can post it!!!!
Today's challenge was such a great sketch to work with. I'm a chronic one-photo scrapper so I try and 'trick' myself into using more photos by making multi-photo two is a pretty big deal for me :). I love my page for this week and I'm thrilled with everyone else's pages too! Yay for my die-hard Design Team who still stay inside on summer days to scrap for deadlines!
So as always, if you are a die-hard summer scrapper too, make sure you upload your page to our Flickr group with the week that you page is for in the title of the image so we can include it in our voting for the month...who knows, you could end up winning free scrap supplies just like these!





And for those of you closely following the competition in the Scraplift Challenge (found here) this is your prize pack...Holly is a lover of the Hambly so I figured it to be fitting that our prize pack for this month's Scraplift Challenge be ALL Hambly...overlays & go check out the link above and get your page linked up. You definitely wanna get in on this prize pack!!


Anonymous said...

y v...are you kidding me?? did i read that right?? you are in edmonton?? as in edmonton ab?? and you never told me?? i so would have met up with has been so long it would have been cool to see you in person!!!

can you tell i am pouting?? lol

hope you are having fun!!! o and i got some scrappy time in a nd played along with the challenge...they are on flickr!!!

Vanessa said...

Ya, I'm in Edmonton and totally have the most crammed full week here. My BFF and I are going a little nuts photographing each other (and her 7 kids!) so we're definitly enjoying ourselves...stockpiling the self photos for scrapping purposes! You'll have to email me if you can get out to Sherwood Park over the weekend...last minute, I know but it might be fun!

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