Thursday, August 28, 2008

coffee and lists

It's Thursday morning (but oddly, it feels like a Monday) and I think I'm getting the hang of this school stuff. 6:00 the alarm goes off, 6:12 make coffee, 6:30 pour the perfect cup and hit the ignition on my step is to wake up the oldest son and begin our respective days...mine with caffeine, his without! He goes through the morning checklist for himself (breaky, pack lunch, personal grooming, etc) and I sit down at the computer - after I ensure that his time management skills aren't suffering today- and begin the mental checklist...maybe today I'll even commit it to paper (just don't be shocked when you see it!).

Today's list of to-do's includes some boring studio stuff (admin things, mildly creative things and a few boring -albeit satisfying- organization things. Then after that is done, I gotta do something truly creative. In case you didn't spot the newest blog addition, check out the sidebar at the top ------> and there you'll see all my upcoming classes for the next few months. The Classes Blog will have photo samples, product lists & registration available for most classes if you check it out! So if I'm A) organized, B) focussed, and C) really friggin' lucky, I'll get to go and play in the studio.

Maybe if I drink my coffee super fast, I'll get a bigtime whammo of caffeine and rock out the morning like nobody's business. I'm gonna try...

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