Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School & shopping

(this photo was taken by my pal, Shannon who I was visiting in Edmonton)

Hooray for Back to School!!! Monday was officially the first day of school and Noah is happy to be back. Seth, on the other hand is in for a bit of culture shock now that his playmate/squabble-mate is gone all day. But you know, for me life kinda gets back to normal...early rising (some days I'm not exactly feelin' the love for the alarm clock though)and a bit more productivity.

My week in Edmonton was great...the weather was beyond HOT and I got in some great shopping. I got a load of great kids clothes (from The Children's Place) and a tons of new scrap stuff for me. I have GOT to get out into the studio later today and do some scrapping! There is a crazy quantity of Thickers that are just calling to me! LOL I also indulged my need for pink things a little and have got a stack of pink scrap goodies to inspire a few ME's the only way to realistically scrap with pink and not traumatize my all-male family (can't exactly scrap 4&9 year old boys with pink, now can you?)
One of my favorite shopping moments in Edmonton was definitely the shoe stores (I really only hit Payless). It was a good thing that my size section was small or else I'd have wound up with far more of their inventory in my bags!

Well, one kid's up and outta bed and hopefully the other stays asleep for a while. And if I'm extra lucky, I'll get to the studio today. Fingers crossed.


Allie said...

Fabulous picture! Have fun with the pink. :)

Anonymous said...

glad you had such a good time...edmonton is fun...again i wish i had known you were would have been great to reconnect with you in person after so much time has passed...ah well!!

we need a phone chat one of these days soon!!! and are gorgeous!!! wow!! love that photo of you!!

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