Monday, August 27, 2007

Finally, school's back in!

The alarm sounded at 6:30. We slowly rose from bed and got the kids up. Seth wasn't quite ready to greet the day so he crawled into bed with dad and hid from the world for a little while. Noah and I made our way upstairs; he packed his lunch while I whipped up a batch of pancakes. Finally, it was time to head out for the bus and I made a quick stop at the thermometer outside. It was chilly this morning!
I had the car warming up in an effort to remove the frost and to make the wait for the bus a little more bearable. Noah and I boogied down the road to wait at the bus stop but after a long 45+ minute wait, we accepted the fact that maybe the bus was early and maybe we better hustle ourselves to school. We arrived at Hidden Valley School fashionably late but that didn't bother Noah. He marched into that school like he owned the place. We were met in the hallway by a very happy principal, Len Walchuk and Noah's 4th grade teacher, Miss Allen. I was chatting with Mr. Walchuk for a minute and when I turned around, Noah was gone and totally settled into his seat in the middle of the group. What a confident little superstar! I sure dig that kid. What a blessing.


Tania said...

Love that photo of Noah. What a trooper. I just finished the clothes shopping for the girls today. The temp on that thermometer doesn't go much higher than 30 hey? :) Too cold for me. :p

Anonymous said...

I guess this means you are staying hey? :) Love this pic ... who's going to lend me their lens at CWC?


Vanessa said...

Ya, it was frickin' cold this morning. We were very grateful to have a toasty warm car to sit in as we waited for a bus that wasn't coming!

Oh, and Jo, sorry 'bout the lens. Guess you'll just have to break down and get one for yourself to play with!!

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