Saturday, August 4, 2007

National Lighthouse Day

Did you know that today is National Light House Day? I didn't! I read about it in Memory Makers magazine's calendar for the month of August. They suggested scrapping someone who lights up your life. For those of you who actually get to scrap these days (rather than those of us who can't!) why don't you embark on a page to celebrate one of the special people in your life who you think your life wouldn't be complete without. I know I would scrap either my husband or my dear know the ones I mean; some of you have heard me speak of them. For those of you who have not, I must admit that I truly have the In-laws everyone WISHES they had! Ray observes characteristics in my personality that are similar to those he admires and enjoys in his mom. Pretty darned flattering, if you ask me. I'm not close to my mother so I treasure my mother-in-law. Not everyone is so lucky. If I had my scrap stuff, she'd definitely be immortalized in my page for today's theme. If you do scrap it, comment to this post with a link to where your page can be found (2Peas, Flickr, etc). I'd like to see it and I'm sure others would too!

Happy Scrappin'


Tania said...

I put mine on my blog. Thanks Vanessa, it was fun. :)

Karen said...

Hey Vanessa, thinking of you up there!
Love ya, K

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