Saturday, August 25, 2007

I knit, therefore I am

You know, although I profess to be a highly invested scrapbooker, I am also a passionate knitter. I discovered this therapeutic artform nearly two years ago after many failed attempts at blankets and scarves. I was looking at a page done by a fellow scrapbooker on Two Peas in a Bucket (I forget her identity now) and her page was celebrating her addiction to knitting socks. I was immediately envious of her collection and decided then and there that I would learn how to knit socks too. I hunted high and low for a website offering easy-to-follow instructions on knitting socks and when I found one, I got right down to work. Of course, my first pair left something to be desired but I got the hang of it fairly quickly and the rest is history...I've knitted about 15 pairs of socks, six sweaters, a few scarves, hats, and a handbag and now (after mastering cables) I'm making a luxuriously complex cabled jacket for myself. I think it's helping to ease the pain of having NO scrapbooking supplies with me!

I found this (above) pattern online that I wanted to make and immediately phoned my pal Jen Emslie (formerly Jen Gladwin), owner of Uptown Yarns in Courtenay BC to see what she could do. I had not found a yarn shop here in Whitehorse so I was delighted that Jen could supply me with what I needed to feed my addiction! She emailed me photos of yarn colors and once I had made my selection, she popped the yarn in the mail and it arrived earlier this week. I ditched everything I was doing and immediately got down to business. However, the first night that I was working on my new, complicated pattern, I had sipped a few glasses of brandy and it had a definite impact on my knitting. Don't drink & knit! I had to pull out about an inch and a half of 132 stitches of cables! Boo Hoo!! The next day I started over and had much better results. Here's a couple of photos to set the mood (the color is called smoke grey, I think)

This is what I've knit so far in a few days of puttering .

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Tania said...

"Don't drink and knit", lol that is so funny, Looks like a pretty sweater though.

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