Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My first political event

Well, outside of visiting the ballot box when election time comes, I don't really get involved in politics. However, my family (rather my husband's family) is very active in the political scene in Whitehorse. Last night I joined Ray and my in-laws at a BBQ where I got to meet many of the local politicians (and political enthusiasts). It was an interesting, eye-opening experience centered around agriculture that really illustrated how much my life is changing now that we're moving to Whitehorse. I was introduced to a fellow, called "Smiley" who is a builder (we didn't waste any time chatting him up about building me a studio!) and he seemed keen and interested in my project. I've never been anywhere where the guys have more wacky nicknames like they do here...Smiley,Big Country, Stretch, Junior, Curley... a little odd, really!

After meeting so many members of the business community, it got me really inspired to become a member of that community. I am so eager to get my work stuff here with me so that I can get the ball rolling. I'm excited to get established and to develop my market. In addition to my plans for a studio/store in Whitehorse, I have also been plotting my website for some time now but have not yet committed to any content. I want it to be perfect but am unsure as to what that should look like. Today has been filled with researching and sketching.

I will head out here later on today to photograph details of the farm. I know you all are just DYING to see what it's all about! Unless the heavens open up again. Man, it isn't supposed to rain here like this. I guess it's good for the newly planted seed...gotta look for that silver lining, right?

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