Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm a big fat slacker (challenge 33)

I got an email this morning pointing out that I'm a big fat slacker. I guess it's true. I totally forgot that yesterday was friday and that I needed to post a sketch for you guys *sigh* I have it ready for you to scrap. Man, I wish my supplies were here... I miss them :( But I must say, life on the farm is luxuriously mellow. Yesterday, Irma (my MIL) and I took the boys out after dinner to the field to try and fly a kite. However, lack of wind foiled our plan and it turned into Seth & Noah stripping down to their undies and running through the ultimate sprinklers! The massive irrigation line that spans the entire width of the field has sprinkler nozzles between each wheel and shoots water farther than they could outrun! The water is pleasantly pre-warmed by the sun before it exits the spouts so the kids didn't get too cold. They had a really great time. Noah created a highly entertaining dance which he called the Bartamus Bum...See below for details!

So your sketch is a single photo of my favorite kinds of LO. Easy to whip together. Now go on and scrap...I gotta get back to slackin'


Danielle said...

OMG I can't believe you have scarred poor Noah noah like that lol posting pics of him in his batman undies!??!

Vanessa said...

technically, you can't prove it's noah other than by my say-so...just a pic of his little bum in batman undies (and Seth in his helicopter undies) So really, the photos are fairly harmless.


Karen said...

boy underwear is just plain funny! You a slacker..never, never, never, never NEVER.
I have some lotus paperie needs,we need tags for our new shoe baskets, and signs for the kid's doors. It is just wrong that you and your art supplies are not together.

Tania said...

Those photos had me laughing. I finished # 32 and I'm off to do this weeks. I was away for 8 days at a family reunion

Tania said...

Yay, all caught up. :)

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