Friday, September 21, 2007

Challenge 38

Alright, so there's a truckload of photos on this one but that's ok, right? This sketch is a great way to illustrate an event that required taking a series of photos and works well with standard 4x6's - mostly. I think this sketch would work well using old photos from the regular family album (or photo box as it is in my current situation) and just go crazy cropping those old snapshots from way back when and voila - you have a masterpiece!!! Here's The Girls' pages...

I like that Margaret has used only the cardstock from her kit along with the velvet rickrack. Shows great versatility.

And now you've seen what these guys did with it, I wanna see what you do with it! Tania was feeling a little extra creative and made a schwack of cards and one extra layout using her kit. This is helpful for those of you who have bought the kit (or who are waiting to buy it) to give you a great sense of just how far you can make it go... This is a really practical way to use up your scraps and grow your card stash.

Love this page...I can remember my little ones making this same face...


jessi said...

awesome that's a lot of photo's!! girls did a fabulous job with it too!!

tania...the cards are awesome...and super cute Lo of the babe sneezing!!!

Vanessa...have I told how excited I ma to be a part of the next ride??? super excited!!!

have a fabulous day!!!

Tania said...

Thanks Jessi :)

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