Sunday, September 9, 2007

Storm's a-brewin'

I gotta tell the Yukon the skies are absolutely FULL of magic. I have seen some of the most beautiful things from that rainbow I told you about before to the most mind-boggling hail that forces you to drive no more than 15K/h all the way to the fabled Aurora Borealis. The other day was most definitely no exception to the rule. What wonder and beauty found in these skies. This is a series of photographs that I made while waiting for a storm to roll in. It never did, by the way, it merely rolled on by. The field in the photos is our farm. I was standing on top of the hill behind our house. Pretty amazing if you ask me!!


Tania said...

Gorgeous! Love the contrast between the dark skies and fall colours!

Karen said...

wow, I mean really, wow.. that light would have me jumping up and down and dragging strangers out for portraits. Nice shots sister! Karen

The Crawfords said...

Love the photos V. They are great. You are an awesome photographer. Karen had better watch out. LOL (Just kidding Karen). Anyhow, it sure is beautiful. Fall comes a lot sooner there than here hey? Have a rocking great week. Talk to you soon



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