Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wanna See?

This is it...this is where the magic is happenin'. It looks a little dodgy, I know, but when we're finished with it, this place will look a whole lot different. The inside looks like this...

Don't you just love the giant beast of a woodstove?? It sure keeps things toasty but it's comin' out once all the drywall is up. As nice as wood heat is, the smell is just too much for all that paper & other scrap stuff that will just soak up the smell.

This window is where my desk will go so I can use what little natural light there is.
It is such a ramshackle little building but when all the work is done and the painting is finished, it will look amazing. I'll keep ya posted.


Tania said...

That biulding has so much potencial, exciting :)

Karen said...

yay - i can totally see the potential and I know how much you must be missing having your own space. Love ya - K

jessi said...

O wow!!! how excited are you!!! I can totally see the potential and am so looking forward to seeing it all done!!!!

have a fabulous thursday!! I am going to be out of computer land for the next few days...*gasp*!!! computer is being dismantled tonightt for the move!!

The Crawfords said...

love the building. I know you will do amazing things with it.

miss you


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