Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fair Isle First-timer

Aren't these lovely??? I saw these in a recent copy of Interweave Knits and absolutely HAD to try them out. They turned out really well and they are a gift for my 'secret sister', a woman I've never met, to whom I send monthly gifts...The gifts are supposed to be scrap-related but since I don't have my stuff, I thought I'd make these instead. I hope she likes them. I think they are great and I already plotted out the chart for a skull & crossbones set. Those ones are gonna rock!!
And remember the gorgeous yarn I bought when I was in Skagway Alaska?? Well, I literally abandoned my other knitting project and whipped together the scarf it was meant to be made into in about 2 days. I love it but I wish it was double the length. This is how it turned out...
And in other news...renovations have started in what was previously known as the snowmachine shed. I finally was able to go in and empty out the 'studio' of its contents...I'll limit the gruesome details to this one thing - mummified bunny rabbit...blech!-other than that there was beat up furniture and old worn out electronics but now the real progress has begun. Ray's pal Eddie came by to help out with farm-related stuff but was soon put to work with strapping, insulation, drywall and windows. I can't get over how much was accomplished. And I was only planning to empty out the room and sweep the floor!

I'm going to put new batteries in my camera and try to get some photos of the progress posted in the next few days so you can share in my joy. I can't wait to get it done and move my scrap stuff in.

Enjoy your Wednesday.


Margaret said...

WOW - Vanessa,
Beautiful knits!! Love the rich...I'm sure your secret sister will love the mitts!

Your new found scrap space is going to be it when you take something old and renew it to the point that it doesn't even look like it used to!! Can't wait to see pics!!

jessi said...

okay so you said knitting...and me, who can barely do the learner stitch...picture this in my head when you said you knitted...Vanessa those are beautiful!!! I don't have the patience (and I am all about immediate satisfaction!!) how does one go about putting in an order with you??? seriously!!! i need new mitts for the winter and a lovely scarf to match would be stellar!!! you think I'm joking!! LOL!!

can't wait to see your studio progress and of course the finished product!!

okay...ciao for now!!!

Tania said...

I can't wait to see your finished studio. You're so far ahead of me already!lol All I've done is clean up a few papers!
Your knitting is looking more and more fabulouds ever time :)

Tania said...

sorry about the typos, i'm typing with one hand right now :p

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