Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chinese Moon Festival

Today marks the day where in China, the mid-autumn moon festival celebration takes place. There is much tradition behind this event and some of the stories are bursting with romance. The one I liked the most told about lovers who would sit under the full moon eating moon cakes and drinking wine. For those who could not be together, they would still indulge in the traditions of moon cakes and wine knowing that they were under the same moon. I love this concept in that it brings unity to loved ones even when they are apart. Today, use this idea for an "Under the same moon" layout. Be sure to journal lots with this one. It would be a great opportunity to play around with a little hidden journaling if the contents are on the personal side. Now go forth and scrap!!

1 comment:

jessi said...

i love this idea!!! and if all my scrap stuff wasn't now sitting in boxes awaiting our move...i would be scrapping a page with this concept...what a beautiful idea and story!!!

I will be back to scrap it once my stuff is unpacked!

guess what i have in a size 8 for you??

will mail tomorrow..have a fabulous night!!

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