Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Tutorials

Hello, welcome to my first tutorial here on Lotus Paperie! :)

I thought since it's that time of year with Christmas being a couple of weeks away I would show you how to make a paperback tree. These have been around for years and are super easy to make, in fact my kids and I will be making them as soon as their Christmas break starts.


-a paperback book, mine is a french/english dictionary from the thrift store (my daughter wants to use an old music book!)
-exacto knife
-dry adhesive (not shown)

and for the sparkles if you want them:

-glitter (I used Making Memories copper)

To start carefully tear the cover off of your paperback book. I tore right to the first page that was full of writing so my entire tree looked the same. Count out 30-35 pages (depending on how full you want your tree to look, I used 30 pages but my book was small).

Now pull out your exacto knife and cut out through the spine the pages you just counted. Count out the same amount once again and cut these ones out of the book too.
Your counted pages should look something like this...

Now making sure the spine is facing left start folding the pages. First pull the top corner down and line it up with the spine of the book. Make a fold.
Take the page and fold it lining up to the spine again, like a paper airplane.

The little corner sticking down needs to be folded up so the tree can eventually stand. Finish folding every page.

Now start folding the second booklet of counted pages. Make sure your spine is facing the right this time and fold all the pages the exact same way.
Your pages should look something like this when they are all folded. The tree looks really cute like this or you can add some bling.
Hold the folded pages together like this and layer on the glue onto just the edges that have been folded.
Dump or drag the glued up part in or through glitter or sparkles of your choice. Now pull apart each folded glittered up edge from the other so they don't stick together when they are dry.
Now it's time to put your tree together. Take one half of your tree and apply lots of dry adhesive to both ends of your folded pages.
Stick them together.
And your tree is finished!

I would LOVE to see your versions of this. Link up your trees to this post! :)


Carole said...

Boy does this bring back memories! As kids we used to use the old Sears catalogues (the huge ones) and keep busy for hours making a huge tree/ornament. Admittedly, I don't remember a year when we actually finished it, and I never would've thought of adding paint or sparkles. What a wonderful idea to cut it down to a smaller task. Beautiful!

Vanessa said...

sooooo pretty! Love, love, love this! Thanks for sharing :)

Eva said...

Love it! I'm trying to have a "thrift christmas" (is it possible?) with handmade gifts and decor and this would be perfect! TFS!

Arianna said...

Really nice idea!
Thanks for sharing!

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