Friday, December 18, 2009

Challenge 155

This week we are challenging you to

scrap a page without a photo!

I had these tickets laying around from a fun night with my girls but no photos. I still wanted to save the memory. There are lots of memories without photos that I want to save and have always left them unscrapped because I had no photos, but I don't have to... and neither do you. Lets see what you have!

All the info to join our challenges is here.
If you are looking to lift Avina's layouts go here.


Marit said...

Those are some FABULOUS layouts there ladies!!!! You show the world it can be done without photo's and you showed it WELL!!!!

Nikki Love said...

gorgeous creations, gals!!!!

Vanessa said...

spectacular layouts gang! I love what you all did with this week's challenges. Pretty incredible the kinds of layouts you can create without photos. Love it!

Keely Yowler said...

Beautiful layouts, ladies!!!

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