Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Meet Eva

In the craziness of December I completely forgot to post Eva's introduction post!! Ack! What a faux-pas! Here's the lovely Eva::

Q-Tell us a bit about you & your family

A- Hi! My name is Eva, I’m 28 and I’ve been married for 3 years now, I live in Italy but my family lives in Chile. I try to go there at least 2 times a year because its really hard for me to stay away from them. My husband is the best and he always make me feel loved and tries to make up for the long distance that separates me from my family! I consider myself a very happy person. I love to read, cook, spend time with family and friends, go to the beach and take long walks.

Q-Why do you scrapbook?

A- I scrapbook because I want to keep my memories alive and because for me it’s a way to express my emotions and find answers to my problems. Through journaling I often give vent to my feelings and I’m able to express gratitude and love for the people in my life.

Q-What is on your playlist right now?

A- Right now on my Ipod there’s a mix of Ne-yo, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift and Bryan Adams… a bit of everything!

Q-Where fuels your creative mojo?

A- I surf the web A LOT! I also look at fashion magazines and search for color combos and sketches.

Q-What projects are on your scrap table today?

A- I’m currently working on a mini album of a trip to Tuscany my husband, my sister and I did in June. I’m also working on Christmas cards, gifts, tags and decorations! I’m really really late this year!

Q-Which products are currently getting the most action in your layouts?

A- Right know I’m a Ki memories fan. I love their bright colors and their designs. I also love thickers and my sewing machine.

Q-Tell us about one of your personality quirks (weird habits/rituals)

A- Sometimes when I’m walking I try not to step the lines in the sidewalk…

Q-When you finish working on a layout, do you tidy up or walk away and leave the mess?

A- Unfortunately I don’t have a scraproom, in Italy apartments are really small and I have to use my living room table to scrap. I have all my things in an Ikea shelf and every time I want to do something I have to put everything on the table and then tidy up everything. I’m kind of constrained to tidy up, but if I could I would leave a everything on the table and tidy up once a week!

Q-Have you ever had a scrapbooking disaster? (spilled paint, burnt w/ heat gun?) and if so, were you able to rescue the destroyed layout?

A- Luckily I’ve never had a “big disaster”, I tried once to use a clear stamp with acrylics…. It didn’t work an the result was a very ugly and partial stamp. I had to repeat the stamp and the result was a mass of white acrylic with no shape… I left it that way… it doesn’t matter to me because when I see the LO I immediately look at the photo and remember the moment and that’s all that counts to me!

Q-If time stood still for just one day, what would you do with the time?

A- I would wake up at around 9 and I would do breakfast in the couch with a blanket while I watch cartoons (Early in the morning I don’t want to think so much so cartoons are perfect!) Then I would tidy up just a little bit so I don’t feel bad all day. If it’s sunny outside I would take a walk or ride my bike for about 40 minutes otherwise I would stay at home and I would search the web for scrapbooking and crafts sites. I would eat something fast and then I would use my time to do a LO, some cards, a sewing project or something sweet like a cake or cookies.

Q- Please share three of your favorite layouts.

A- These are my favourite LO’s.

This is one of my firsts LO’s. The picture was taken 3 days before our marriage in our favourite beach and every time I look at the LO I remember that important step in my life.

This one is the “disastrous” one… The stamp on the bottom right corner is all messy and it doesn’t look very good, but it’s fine to me! I also like the color combo in this LO.

I just have so much fun with this LO! I embossed every heart and all the yellow cardstock.

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