Friday, December 4, 2009

Challenge 153

Oh what a thrill! We have our brand new Design Team to introduce to you! Over the next short while (in between challenges, our new tutorials feature and all the voting) we'll give you a chance to get to know each of our amazing designers one by one.

If you are new and would like to participate in our challenges, go here to get the lowdown on how it all works!

For this week's challenge, I was a little reluctant. I wanted to go back into the (way too large) stash of supplies and dust off something from waaaaay back. The good ol' foam stamps. But I was kinda concerned that they'd look dated. Out of "fashion". But y'know what? I was beyond tickled...I was jumping up and down happy. I forgot about how great these stamps are!! When we moved to Whitehorse and I set up my studio, one of the things it was lacking was plumbing so if I ever dared to use paints, I'd always get stuck hauling the mess into the house to clean it up. (Not as fun as it sounds) so truly, as much as I love paints & foam stamps, avoided using them. But now, I'm set up in the house and I'm not afraid of the paints anymore. I think this challenge reminded me to dig into the supplies archives and bust out some old-school goodness. Why don't you give it a try...


Once the paint dried, I couldn't resist just a little bit of stickles (for sparkle, of course)

(Carol is taking a short 2 week hiatus...she's been on the team a looooong time and deserves a break!)




Marit said...

It's a bit odd to come here and look at the new challenge, as I'm not a DT-member anymore - but the new team surely ROCKED this challenge!!! Great work ladies!!!

Marit said...

Yep. Right. I did it. You DEFINITELY send vibes! Read my blog (12/8)

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