Thursday, December 31, 2009

Meet Stacy

A new year, a new month and of course a new Guest Designer! Avina brought December some wonderful layouts and it was such a delight having her with us...and now it's time for her to gracefully exit stage left as we welcome January 2010's Guest Designer, Stacy Stone!! Stacy has been around lurking in the wings of the blog for a long time. She's one of the few people on my friends list on FB who I've never actually met. I bet she'd be about as fun in person as she is online though.

Q-Tell us a bit about you & your family

A-I am married to my BFF Randy going on 12 years we have 3 beautiful kids 2 boys and a girl we live in Central Alberta i am a mostly stay at home mom i work casual at the local hospital as a lab assistant

Q-Why do you scrapbook?

A-when i was growing up i always asked alot of questions about when i was born and when i was little all the things you could think of i asked my mom never knew the answers she did not keep track i wanted those questions answered for my children besides the fact that i am a creative person and need an outlet

Q-What is on your playlist right now?

A-love various kinds of music country, classical even the young stuff love miley cyrus taylor swift those girls are so cute and talented

Q-Where fuels your creative mojo?

A- good pictures!! i have a photographer for a sister so she helps! I also recently purchased a canon rebel also helps

Q-What projects are on your scrap table today?

A-9 calendars for christmas presents 3 all about me books for my kids for christmas

Q-Which products are currently getting the most action in your layouts?

A-love october afternoon, amy butler paper or material love some independants like evalicious!

Q-Tell us about one of your personality quirks (weird habits/rituals)

A-i like to talk alot not much for adult conversation in my house when i am around others adults i talk alot!!!

Q-When you finish working on a layout, do you tidy up or walk away and leave the mess?

A-most of the time i walk away incase i am not finished

Q-Have you ever had a scrapbooking disaster? (spilled paint, burnt w/ heat gun?) and if so, were you able to rescue the destroyed layout?

A-yes i had a candle burning and did not notice my big plastic container to hold finished layouts was above quit messy noticed it before any real damage was done

Q-If time stood still for just one day, what would you do with the time?

A-breathe spend time with my kids and hopefully its a good moment where everyone is getting along lol

Q- Please share three of your favorite layouts.


Tania said...

Hi Stacy, welcome. Seriously love your layouts! :)

Furniture removals Melbourne said...

Her works are very interesting the arts are very innovative and creative.

Affordable homes said...

I love the last photo it’s very sweet and romantic. I love it.

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