Friday, January 19, 2007

Challenge 4

Here we go's today's challenge. I have a fantastic Simple Scrapbooks mag that does a wonderful job of addressing journaling obstacles. One of the ways to scrap a "just because" page is to conduct a fun interview. This week's challenge is using the following questions and make sure to scrap a photo of yourself as well!

Have your closest friend play along
  • what expressions do I use...way too often?
  • What do I do or say that makes you laugh?
  • What do you believe comes easy to me?
  • What do you believe I struggle with?
  • If someone was meeting me at the airport how would you describe me?
  • What piece of clothing should I wear more often?
  • What outfit should I give to Goodwill
  • What's the longest we've ever talked on the phone?
  • Would I ever jump out of an airplane?
  • How do I let you know I care about you?
The sky's the limit with your physical layout. Feel free to go 2 pages or just one. Don't forget to post links to your layouts!

I will post my own before Monday.


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