Friday, January 12, 2007

Classic tantrum

I just got my hands on my new-to-me camera. A Fuji S2 which I bought from my lovely photo whiz friend, Karen. I have not had any time since I got it nearly a week ago to actually spend time taking photos. Today was my day. Seth was home (daycare is only Tues-Thurs) and the sun was shining! We braved the -8 weather this morning and went for a quick walk along the shoreline as the sun came up. He made me feel like the paparazzi, throwing his hand up to block my view of his face while shouting, "No kankyou! No picker a me!" It was all pretty funny.

After school, we walked to pick Noah up and managed to make the most of a few photo ops, complete with the 'not ready to go home yet' tantrum photos! This one might just wind up as a scrapbook page.

layout challenge coming right up...

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