Friday, January 26, 2007

Work Overload

For you guys who visit the blog regularly, you've probably noticed that I have suffered from a serious LACK of blog entries since the weekend. I have been literally up to my eyeballs with projects. I have mountains of class samples and instructions to work out. It has been loads of fun, but it has also taken up all my time. I want to get to today's challenge,but it will probably be up later tonight after my little boys are in know, that time of day when you can actually think!

I have had so many ideas whizzing around in my brain, I just need to pick one. I think I know what it will be, but you'll have to check back later to see what it is. I really really want to see what you guys are doing with these challenges. It will help me to find inspiration when I feel like I'm lacking it.

I'm going to make dinner right now, but I'll be back later with your challenge for this week.

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