Sunday, January 14, 2007

love affair with technology

You know, I never imagined that I would develop a relationship with my electronics as rewarding as the one I have with my computer, printer, card reader and camera. I can't stop printing my photos right after taking them and of course, sitting down in my studio and scrapping those very images. I am not a skilled photographer but a passionate one.

My kids are usually the subject of choice, but I need more photos of me. I have a friend, JoAnne who is another photo-pal and she and I are planning on embarking on photo-days at least once a month. The idea is that I will learn more about the technical side of photography, but also, if I'm taking her picture, she'll be taking mine!

This is a page I just finished today. I took Seth's picture at the air park and it was bloody cold, but I had to be out in that amazing morning sunshine. Shadows are a bit harsh and this pic doesn't do the page justice, but I'm still feeling the vibe of inspiration. (and I think I'm a little addicted to blogging!)

Hope your weekend has been refreshing and positive!

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Tessa Tegendraads said...

Hello, I visited your weblog and I've seen some very nice things! Keep up the good work!

Tessa (from the Netherlands)

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