Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nourish (challenge #3)

Well, I did it! I got my page done. It is not my usual style, but I feel really good trying something new. This sketch was a great challenge for me. I like to push the envelope with my scrapping style and do things outside my comfort zone. Notice the crazy circle around my title "nourish" that is a free hand copy of the stamped images on the rest of the page. I love the current doodle craze but am WAY to chicken to try it on an actual page. I put a little in this one and I feel really good about it. Gosh, this is a little like therapy!
I gotta say, it was really fun going around the house with my new camera snapping photos of the things that symbolize how I nourish myself. Overall, a very satisfying challenge. How 'bout you?

1 comment:

Number one groupie said...

I think I am too chicken to do this
I don't want to know what what I will find out about my self. Anyhow, I love your page and maybe I will find the courage to do it



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