Monday, January 8, 2007

monday is good

After a very long and drawn out holiday, I have to say how much I am loving today even though it's a Monday. The kids are back at school and despite the madness that plagued my home over the holidays, I am inspired and ready to create. I have been reading Ali Edwards blog and her challenge for the new year is to define our personal goals with just one word. I have been pondering this and I keep returning to the idea of meditation. It is so easy for me to take on more projects and complicate my life unnecessarily (I've never been accused of that, right?!) so my goal for this year is to pare down my projects to take the time to work on the ones that give me peace and offer me a chance to meditate. Funny that I can meditate while I work. In fact, sometimes, I get so deep into my meditative state when I'm creating, that I can barely keep my eyes open.
For my blog followers, I want to know how you define your goals for 2007 and why. This is me asking you to post comments and I want to see more than one comment on here! LOL
I don't know how y'all are spending your monday, but I'm making an exciting trip with my toddler to the grocery store and then I just GOTTA SCRAP!!!! Maybe I'll get my project done from the materials in my last post and then I can post the pic. Make sure to check back and see how it's comin'.
Happy monday!

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Number one groupie said...

great blog today. I agree that Mondays can be good. I do like haveing the kids home, but I am glad to get back to the routine and maybe even some scrapping. I too have been trying to come up with one word... for me it is acceptance. Not so much of others, but more of myself. Accepting the fact that I am not perfect and everything I do does not have to be perfect either. It is o.k. if it doesn't look exactly right the first time. As my friend Vanessa says, "mistakes are creative opportunities". So remind me to have more creative opportunities, in case I forget and am too hard on myself.


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