Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finally...some sun!

Well, today Ray and Noah headed out for their road trip to Whitehorse. They left mid morning and have journeyed as far as Cache Creek. They will camp out in the back of the pickup truck on the side of the road roasting wieners over a campfire and roughing it like a couple of bachelors. I think it will be a very memorable adventure for my boys. Betcha there'll be some serious man-bonding on that trip!

As for me, well, I found myself taking pictures of kids at the petting zoo. Seth was beside himself over the goats, pigs and baby cow. The photo above is Ana Rose (Shannon's youngest daughter). She is quite OK with being arranged for photographs. You could say she's embraced her inner diva! There were many other great photos of Shannon's other kids. This one (below) is Anthony, her oldest son grabbing a little tap juice.

The little boys (Seth and Liam...who are partners in crime since babyhood) promptly followed suit...
It was such a fun day at Filberg park. The kids had a blast and I got more photos to scrap...what else is new!

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Tania said...

Looks like you all had fun, love these photos too. You can tell Ana Rose loves the camera.

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