Monday, July 9, 2007

Sketch Me if You Can

I was snooping through some of Tania's links earlier today and found a DYNAMITE resource for sketches. As you all know, I'm a hardcore sketch addict and can't get enough of great sketches. Given my recent acquisition of a Fuji S2 Digital SLR and two very fun lenses, I have been taking a shocking quantity of photos, but despite this, I'm editing them very heavily and finding that I'm left with one or two images that work together and let me tell you how challenging it can be to make a single photo layout look different after the first twenty or thirty goes at scrapping just one image! When I found Sketch Me if You Can and I explored designer Chris Greiser's single photo layout sketches...I was energized and totally inspired. Go see for yourself. If you want to get to know this very talented designer and her scrapping style go here to get a closer look at her scrapping MOJO!!

Chris has also graciously given us the total go-ahead to use her rockin' sketches for the design team...better be watching, they'll be coming up pretty soon.

Now, I'm going to skip scrapping for tonight and begin reading a book I got during Birthday Week called The Birth House. I can't wait to get started so....

1 comment:

Tania said...

I love sketches too. Glad you had a chance to go through my links. :)

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