Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Moment of silence for dead card-reader

It's always a state of crisis when an electronics device stops working (without warning). I blew an hour trying to get my card reader to work today so that I could post my page from the Seth photo. So after feelin' the love at London Drugs, I have now been home and retrieved my images, edited them and am thrilled to be posting.

For this page, I decided to try and incorporate the OLW page challenges. This one shows the "MY" word. I can't take credit for the layout though, it was a big fat scraplift from a page I saw in Creating Keepsakes. It's a pretty great page. I've been a big scraplifter lately. It's faster than inventing layouts. Call me lazy, I say efficient!!

This page was created from a sketch by the fabulous Becky Fleck. We love Becky Fleck!!
And last but not least, a page honoring my husband and one of his many "blue" skills (that is, instead of "pink") He is indispensable for many reasons. His car fix-it skills are high on the list of what makes him FANTASTIC!!


Tania said...

I love these, even if one is a scraplift. It is a lot easier sometimes when you really want to scrap but are too tired or don't have a lot of time to create the whole thing. I do it sometimes too. awesome job!! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the my prince page, it is beautiful, I love all the pages on this post. You have such an AMAZING eye. K

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