Saturday, July 21, 2007

Weekends are so lovely

Last night was so much fun! I had my pals Karen McKinnon and Sue Pyper over for mojitos and BBQ. What a good time!! I tell ya, Sue is so dang hilarious and Karen (who has mastered the art of rockstar-cool) added such a great element to a fun and relaxed evening. We sat around the kitchen drinking mojitos (made with mint from my garden) and snacking on fresh fruit and yummy homemade guacamole. My darling husband did the BBQing, which made my hostessing duties way more laid-back. After dinner, the girls and I retreated to my studio for a little show-n-tell which I love because I think my studio is one of the best places on earth. Everyone ended the evening full of yummy food and inspiration. I, however, was left to finish the pitcher of mojitos all by myself...bummer!

Sadly, there was no scrapping for me today but there was a moving company here giving us a quote for our move to Whitehorse. I can't wait to relocate. I love the challenge of building a new network and re-establishing my business presence in a new community. Hopefully the move will only have a minimal impact on the design team and my incoming shipments.

Well, there's a chilly beer sitting over yonder beside my sock that I'm knitting (Whitehorse is cold after all) so I will depart for now and return perhaps tomorrow with some new and exciting updates from the life of a hopelessly addicted scrapper.


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