Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Friday! Challenge 29

It seems like this past week zipped by in a flash! I can't get over how much faster time passes when you're an adult. Remember how when you were a kid and it seemed like things took forever to happen...Christmas took forever to come (now it seems each year one Christmas starts as soon as the last one ends), Birthdays took forever to come (now some of us try to ignore the fact that birthdays keep insisting on happening), and summer holidays used to feel like they were way too short (now it's like the long weekend that just WON'T END!!!)

I have been really enjoying having the summer off from my teaching jobs and have been getting caught up on my personal scrapping. My 2007 album is already a good 60 pages long. I don't know about you, but I find these weekly sketches facilitate a certain productivity that I haven't seen in myself before. It feels so good to not have that looming feeling of falling behind in my scrapping, which always seems to make it feel more like work and less like fun.

So here's my very late version of last Friday's sketch...

and for those who are better at avoiding falling behind, here's the sketch for this week

Thankfully, this is a much much simpler sketch so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief over this one. I actually made that page last Friday, but only managed to have my urge to photograph coincide with cooperative weather. I also had a chance to photograph the pages that I made last night and this morning...I'll have the page for today's sketch ready at some point. I'll post it later. Remember, I love to hear your opinions and feedback. It makes me feel great knowing that other scrappers out in cyberspace like what I'm doing!!

This is my friend, Michelle's back yard. She's my second mom and my boys call her Nanny like her granddaughters do. She has known me since I was five and has the most blackmail material on me out of anyone on the planet!!

These photos were taken when we went camping at Kin Beach Provincial Park a couple of weeks ago. My best friend Shannon is on her way here for about a week's stay with her six kids. We're all headed out for four nights of camping back at Kin Beach. Maybe there'll be photos of me this time!

This was one of my funnest memories (yes, I realize funnest is NOT a word but in my opinion, it should be) The swings at Kin beach are amazing. The chains are crazy long and they go SO high! It was like being a kid again.

My darling Noah is truly a gameboy junkie. You sit that kid down with that thing and he teleports himself to another realm. It's a place where he can't hear what anyone is saying to him till about the third or fourth time and he always says he needs more time. Funny how only four years ago he'd never even played a video game, now he's right on par with every other kid his age. Such a good lookin' boy with those beautiful blue eyes.

And last but not least, here's a great action shot of Noah and his pal Maya goofing off at the waterpark in Courtenay. Maya has known Noah since he was born and she comes up from Victoria all the time to hang out with Nanny (yup, that's the Nanny I mentioned earlier). They always get on like a house on fire! You'd hardly know there's almost three years between them! Gotta love that childhood liveliness.

So that's what I've been up to. I wanna know more about your projects so let's see 'em!


Marjolein said...

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog! I love the OLW challenges, but the time.....oh so hard to find these days:-) But I managed LOL Was looking for yours but can't find it??
And I've gotto tell you, that Blueberry Pudding delicious! Go run out for blueberries and start baking, really yummie for desert!!!
Have a good weekend!

Tania said...

Love teh camping LO and the gameboy LO too. I had the same photos in mind for the girls and their gameboys. Awesome photos. :)

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