Monday, July 23, 2007

It's not mojitos & BBQ but...

hangin' with friends in their back yard enjoying a little freedom from the kidlets while sipping a little Yellowtail Shiraz (snacking on mini chocolate chip cookies I might add) is still a really great way to finish the day. Ray & I headed to my pal Jo's place to lend her my Macro lens and her husband took advantage of a little fence-post-digging-reprieve. Her husband, Kyle graciously dusted off the wine glasses and cracked a bottle of wine for us to sip on in the back yard. It was so great to just accept the offer of a little adult socialization knowing that my other pal, Shannon was holding her own at home with 8 kids stacked three deep in the bedrooms and not taking my jail-break personally!

Ray is heading up to Whitehorse tomorrow with Noah and Seth and I are flying out next tuesday. I really liked spending some time with him tonight, even if it was running errands to the video store and the supermarket. Maybe one of these days while Shannon is here, I'll get out the camera and snap a few pics. Guess I'll post some pages in the next day or two too!!

Happy monday!

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