Thursday, July 26, 2007

fortune cookies in Cumberland

Last night was the second session of a once-a-month ladies photography group called Chicks who click. We worked on a few important principles like lighting, depth of field and the rule of thirds. We were given three fortune cookies and were sent out within a two block radius to photograph them creatively. Luckily, Cumberland has no shortage of cool architecture and dynamite colors available. I shot something like 126 frames...of cookies! Crazy, I know but it was a great exercise.
who knew you could photograph fortune cookies so many interesting ways. I'm pleased with what I learned yesterday.


Karen said...

Wow! You have "it" the eye, the passion, a comfort with the technical aspect. You say the word and you are on the payroll, being trained as my next assistant.

Lotus Paperie said...

still in denial that I'm moving to Whitehorse, hey?


Marlis said...

I guess I'm out then! ;-0

Love the colours and the cookies! Looks like a lot of fun AND you got such great images!

Tania said...

These are cool, love the one on the window ledge

Lotus Paperie said...

There were actually a few more that I really liked but didn't want to post too many. I think I have to do a mini album of them...cumberland is the BEST location for color choices. It was crazy fun!

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