Friday, April 11, 2008

Challenge 67

Wow, Just when I thought all was lost this month with the long reaching ripple-effect of slow-to-arrive Couture Collections to our Design Team, the gals got their stuff and rocked out the five-star pages below! Way to go everyone! This week's sketch is clearly one that can be interpreted many different ways as you can see. It puts the focus on one main photo with lots of room for journaling.

If you want to try your hand at this week's challenge, please remember to upload a copy to our Flickr Group so that you can have an opportunity to win a Couture Collection. All you do is load the image to your gallery on Flickr and once that's done, go to the 'Organizr' and upload it to our group (it's all drag &drop!) just be sure to mention which week your page is for in your title so you are included in the voting process for the month. You are not required to create your pages using the Couture Collections but we love it when you do!

And if you haven't already, don't forget about the Open Call for Design Team applications! Go HERE to find out more about being a Lotus Paperie Designer


up close


Oh, and on a side-note, the Bison feast was unbelievable. We sat at a table with Noah's teacher and her family and shared no end of belly laughs. After an amazing dinner with our choice of burgers, sausage or steak and tables upon tables of potluck dishes the group was shown a slide show of the Bison hunt. It was pretty standard slide-show stuff, you know kids goofing off and unflattering photos of teachers bundled up in every possible layer of warm clothing but the piece de resitance was the video that followed where you could see the 'field dressing' (that's the graphic part where they skin, gut & quarter the meat) and some of the kids' accounts of the experience. The Bison were brought back by snow machine (AKA skidoo) to the location where it was being prepared and one of the kids was describing his job which was to make sure that the intestines didn't fall out the arse of the Bison from his group's kill while being hauled back . He mentions with nonchalance that he had to shove his arm up the beast's rectum to keep its guts inside. When asked how he felt about that, he replied with perfect comic timing, " it was quite warm...but I just kept telling myself, ' this is the worst puppet show ever!' " Well, that had to be the damned funniest account of the glamorous side of Bison hunting I'd ever heard. What a way to end the night! Hahahahaha


jessi said...

ROTFLMBO!!! okay totally cracking up over the puppet show!!! too funny!!!

another great round of challenges!!!

Karen said...

Great story. I have to say that the pages this week are phenominal!

Tania said...

Now THAT is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing that. :)

Edleen said...

Loving all the layouts!!! :)

Vanessa! the kit finally arrived!!! the postman came knocking this morning and Thank You! love the kit :)

Happy Weekend!

Ronda P. said...

oh my gosh...I so needed this laugh! Hilarious....

And your layout....I didn't know cold until I visited I don't think I will be visiting toes would fall of for sure!

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