Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey look...I found my mojo...or are those winegums?

Yup, those are fresh, soft delicious wine gums dumped out onto my grubby craft mat but I don't care. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE wine gums and these bad boys have been my studio companions over the past week. I'm actually really pleased with myself for making the giant bag last that long! I have a bit of a habit of popping them into my mouth one after the other until I realize that the sugar has made me really jittery and dehydrated. ..just a sec...gotta grab one...mmmm! Yum, my fave is definitely the black ones. I'll always share my wine gums but NEVER the black ones. I can eat them day or night (even in the morning, but don't tell my kids...we have a 'no candy before lunch' policy in our house!) Just figured it'd be fun to share my (not-so) secret winegum obsession with the whole world! LOL


Sandy said...

ooooh....you're good! a bag would NEVER last me that long!

Gillian said...

I think we should hook up and be scrapping partners. I love me some Wine Gums, but HATE the black ones! So we'd never have to argue ;) hehe

jessi said...

mmmmmmm....love winegums!!! i don't think they would have lasted a day in my studio, lol!!!

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