Thursday, April 24, 2008

errands abound

Well, although Open Crop Night wasn't all I hoped it would be this week ( I was kinda by myself) but it's okay because I got tons DT gals can expect their newest kits before the end of the week if Canada Post decides to play nice, I got a wee bit of scrappin' done and holy cow, my studio is TIDY! LOL

I can hardly believe that there's only a week and a half till the NSB Day crop! YIKES! I don't feel half as organized as I think I probably much stuff has gotten done over the past few weeks and it seems like there's an insurmountable list of things yet to be done. Knowing that I get to go and do the big grocery shop today isn't exactly my idea of a good time and could be impacting my mojo just slightly. sigh

there is a little bit of Postal Lovin' waiting for me at the Post Office, I'm going to just insist that today be full of happy goodness. That's my plan of attack for the day. Fun mail & groceries. (that sounds so domestic! LOL) Maybe if I'm really lucky I'll get a chance to do a bit of scrappin' just for fun rather than for work/deadlines. Maybe.

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