Tuesday, April 22, 2008

going postal

but not in the traditional sense!! I have a few parcels to collect from the postal outlet today so that is priority one- gotta get May's Couture Collections assembled and shipped to my girls AND there's a few boxes from one of our sponsors for the National Scrapbooking Day crop that I've spent the last eight months planning at one of our local hotels, the High Country Inn. I love picking up mail, it always makes me happy. It's kinda like mini extensions of Birthday Week. And since we live so far out in the boonies, the postal folks don't like to actually deliver parcels larger than a loaf of bread so instead, they drive all the way out here to stick a piece of paper telling me that they're holding my parcel hostage into my mailbox. I think it's a little sinister, really. So that means that I have to go in to Shoppers Drug Mart and deal with some customer service-challenged Postal Gals (groan)and hope that she can find my packages! Doesn't that sound like fun to you! LOL

I'll be dropping in on another friend downtown who has been inflicted with the responsibility of my delivery point for couriers (because if Canada Post won't deliver to my door, why the hell would Fed Ex?!) and as a gesture of thanks (and in an effort to ensure that he remains willing to accept my deliveries) I baked a lovely, tender, gooey batch of uber yummy cinnamon buns. I think they'll be well received!

The rest of the day will be last minute scrapping of samples for the crop and sorting out the heap of freebies! If you live in the Whitehorse area, make sure you visit the Classes page for all the info on the crop & classes. Hope to see you there!

I heart fun mail!


Kimberly White said...

I love getting mail too! Doesn't everybody! And I'm sure your friend will continue receiving packages for you if you bake for him! Sounds delicious! Have a great day! Kim

Stacy said...

i so understnad the whole hostage things its like its to hard for them to deliver when they have to bring your mail out anyways and we have a little store out here maybe a drop box sort of thing ??? but nooo waaaayyy lol!!! i so glad your not getting the snow we are here in central alberta it sucks and i have to move in two days uuughhh!! but other then that whoa new scrap space so excited lol!!! have a wonderful trip to the mailbox!

The Crawfords said...

Hey too bad that you have to go so far to get mail. Just to rub it in a little our mail guy rocks. THe packages you send me obviously don't fit in the little box we have at the end of the street, so if he sees one of the cars in the drive way, he WALKS down the street and brings it right to my door. He has done this more than once. He also brings the rest of the mail (which is usually bills) with him too so it completly saves us a trip down the road. Maybe next time I should hve a treat waiting and he will deliver my mail everyday to the door even if there isn't a parcel... mmmm!!!!!

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