Thursday, April 10, 2008


It was a necessity, I told you! We hadn't visited this restaurant yet but I can promise you this...we'll be back again really soon. The food was stellar, the service was prompt and pleasant (always a winning combination) and to top it off, Seth was all over it like a dirty shirt! Who knew he'd be so into Japanese food!?!?! He was feelin' the love for the camera too! LOL
Ray's and my lunches were super good and HUGE! I couldn't finish all of mine and I think next time I'll get more sushi. The food was delish and if you are a Whitehorse resident or visitor, definitely hit this place.

I'm not a big sashimi fan but Ray thought he'd died and gone to sushi heaven! LOL

Of course, I did do almost all my other errands (including the post office) so it was a pretty good day.

Tonight at Noah's school is the annual Bison feast. The grade six & seven classes go on a Bison hunt as part of their curriculum (all you anti-hunters, please keep your opinions to yourselves. I understand that some of you disagree with hunting but i kinda don't care! sorry if that offends anyone) So as part of their Bison hunting experience, we're going to go and eat it ! Yum again! I'm bringing my pumpkin bread pudding because it's a potluck so it will be a pretty fantastic dinner I suspect. The dinners at school always take place in the gym and the lights are gross and make a nasty yellowish orange cast on the photos so there prolly won't be any from that. Too much photoshopping to make it worth looking at. So I'll be busy today baking & knitting up a storm and getting ready for the National Scrapbooking Day crop in May (if you haven't registered, you've's gonna be a truckload of fun!) Enjoy your Thursday!


Anita said...

Bison hunt…you're kidding! Do they run them off a cliff? LOL Talk about culture…

Karen said...

Oh - John and I want to come. We have recently discovered Bison and now we use it almost exclusively instead of ground beef.
Have fun!

Tania said...

I've heard about Bison meat, haven't tried it though. Sounds like a great day! :)

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