Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wheres your mojo at?

It's a tuesday full of stuff to do. A long list of boring office junk to deal with (gonna put March's receipts at the very bottom of the list again!) and a schwach of uber fun stuff to deal with. I am feelin' super scrappy so I think I'll do a bunch of fun creative page-making and then the boring errands. Usually I do it the other way around but those boring errands wipe me out and totally kill my mojo. I'm gonna outsmart that errand-brain-fry and do the cool stuff first!

I haven't even really used my camera for anything other than lame shooting just for work- YAWN! So maybe if the lighting today cooperates (it looks a smidge on the bright side today) I might bust out the camera for creative reasons. We'll see tho.

This is Noah being hard to photograph...somewhat elusive in that pre-tween fashion...

and Seth in the equally challenging to photograph goofball little kid phase. Should be some interesting scrap pages in the coming months!

Oh, and check out my Etsy store, I loaded a few new knitted things to it yesterday. They are soooooo nice! There's a preview on the sidebar if you scroll down a little...

Rock on, it's a great day!

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