Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Left Hangin'

Okay...I admit it, I totally left all of you, my faithful blog readers hangin' over what was left of Birthday week and the fabulous treasures inside my marvelous box from my lovely pal, Karen. And after some gentle - and not so gentle - reminders (thanks Allison) I have recovered from the Birthday week related blog burnout. Shocking to admit, but there it is...the cold, hard truth about my failure to deliver. I hope you can forgive me for being such a big fat slacker.

So to honor my darling pal Karen's creativity in her Birthday week selections for me this year...here's the rest of what I got...

Now, I have an almost-debilitating sweet-tooth (when I get a craving, dude, watch out!) so Karen sent this little treat. It was a rice-krispie square egg covered with peanut butter and chocolate and it was hollow but not empty...no, it was crammed with Jelly Belly jellybeans (yum!) that were glued in place with more chocolate!

And this was a bit of a dirty trick. I think Karen really enjoyed pulling this little prank although, I have to admit that I love this glasses case. The one I was using for my sunglasses was a strictly utilitarian (read:ugly) case and this one is far, far cuter.

This was easily one of my favorites from Birthday week. I have been needing a kitchen timer and just hadn't picked one up yet. This was a very well selected gift for sure...and if you know me and my penchant for hoarding cool yet useful kitchen gadgets then you wouldn't be even a little surprised by my excitement over my new zester. It is so cool! It grates ginger like nobody's business, I used it for an Indian dish I made last week and all I can say is "DUDE!"

This was the final gift in the package which, I later learned from Karen, was a huge gamble. Sure, buying someone else shoes without them there to try them on is a bit risky but I like a little risk!

So there ya have it. Now it's Karen's birthday week...go on over to her blog and see what I gave her...don't forget to wish her a happy birthday (it was on the 5th)


Stacy said...

great shoes and the timer looks gorgeous!!!!

Tania said...

Those shoes are cool! Awesome stuff. :)

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